Style simply symbolizes comfort which is obviously a little dissimilar to fashion or trend. As, what they say style is much more interesting than fashion. It’s an individuals way of dressing. It’s a mark of their own personality.

Today, we got inspired by style statements of a lot of celebs. Surely, we can’t copy their red carpet looks, but those funky and experimental street style looks can always be adorn.

1. Hot In Red

Don’t they say, ” When in doubt wear Red “. Yes, that’s what we believe too. And it seems like our favorite celebs dress with the same idea.

red street style

2. Backless Is Back

Want a little exposure but not by ruining your style statement. Well, a little backless outfit never hurts. Don’t you agree ?

3. Cropped Knits

Want to lift some cute yet banging street style outfit? Then cropped knits is what you need. You can always pair them up with a high waist jeans.

cropped knit street style look

4. Code Purple

Worrying about what to wear? Well, Don’t worry be purple. You definitely will get noticed.

purple outfit

5. Tube Top

Summers are here and all what we need is something super comfy to wear in this heat. Well tube top works best for me and Gigi Hadid !

Gigi Hadid Tube top

6. Fresh Mint Look

We have never seen fresh mint look go out of style. When in confusion wear mint with goggles and rock the streets.

fresh mint look

7. Go Baggy

Well if we are talking about comfort then those maxy dress, pullovers, bazin works the best. As, bagginess is a new trend. Don’t you think?

baggy clothes street style look

8. Colorful Prints

Taylor Swift can surely slay any look & we will still be swooning around watching her. Ain’t we? Those colorful prints are a solution to all our doubts. So, when can’t decide what color to wear get your prints ready!

taylor swift outfit

9. Fanny Pack

To slay any airport look carry a fanny pack and you are all set. Yeah of course! Kendall Jenner’s statement goggles are must.

fanny pack

10. Layers Always Work

Spotted Serena Vander Woodsen in perfect layer outfit. When in trouble copy our lovely upper east siders, as who else have better styling sense then them. XOXO gossip girl !

blake lively

So, wear what you look best in as, style says a lot about your personality without saying a word. Remember people will stare, so just make it worth their while.

Turning Phase will be back with another blog full of style & trends. Till then, Be Fashionable!